Dec 19, 2014

The Best Makeup Removing Wipes

Makeup wipes are an essential part of my evening routine.  I find that they're the best way to get rid of most of my makeup.  I usually follow up with a face wash and a toner to ensure that all traces of makeup have been removed.  In the past few years I've tested many brands of makeup wipes and I always go back to the same ones, Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Wipes.

Best: Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Wipes
I have been using these for years and they are hands down my favorite wipes.  The towelettes are very moist and work wonders at removing most of my makeup.  I think the Neutrogena facial wipes do the best job of wiping off heavy mascara but I think the formula is too oily for the rest of my skin. Also you can't beat the price of the Kirkland wipes, at about 14 cents a wipe they are quite a steal.  Many of the other brands cost about 25 cents per wipe.

Worst: Just the Basics Pre-Moistened Facial Towelettes CVS
I grabbed these when I ran out of my Kirkland face wipes and couldn't run to Costco to buy more. They were very affordable at $2.99 for a pack of 30.  But I found them to be very dry and because of this I really struggled getting makeup off of my face.  I was pulling at my face to get them to remove my makeup, a definite no no for those of us trying to avoid premature aging!  

Tip: Store your makeup wipes upside down so that the moisture soaks into the wipes!  


  1. Olivia I need help I really struggle with makeup I'm in the UK I either look like I I've non on or I have to much on and lol like a clown :( please help me xxx

    1. Hi hun, I'll be writing one of my next blog posts to help you out. What is your skin type - is it oily, dry, or combination? Are you trying to cover up any blemishes or redness? Keep a look out for it in the next few days! xoxo, Olivia

  2. Ha! I do the exact same things with my wipes... Turn them upside down!! Must be a Virgo thing?! ;) think you're fab btw. Just discovered you in the UK x


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