Jul 18, 2015

Concealer Roundup

Concealer has been a life saver these days!  My skin has been acting up (especially around my chin) and I've been loading up on the concealer for those days that I want my skin to appear flawless.  Below are my favorite concealers - and the best part is that they are all from the drugstore and under $10 each!

Maybelline Master Conceal $8.99 on
This stuff is magic! It's super high coverage and a little goes a long way.  I dab a small dot on my Tarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush as the first part of my foundation routine, just to even out my skin tone.  It really works wonders on any redness or discoloration. Because of the consistency I don't use it around the eye area - it's a bit too thick.  Because this concealer covers so much, I just use a dab of my foundation (currently in love with the Covergirl Ready Gorgeous Foundation) which gives me a much more natural look then if I was to go in with lots of foundation first and then cover up any redness or blemishes with concelear.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer $4.19 on
This concealer is great for under the eyes.  I go up a shade lighter than my normal skin color for the bright-eyed look.  I dab a few dots under my eyes before applying foundation and blend with my Beauty Blender and then do the same once I've applied my foundation.  You can also use it as a highlighter down the center of your nose.  It's extremely comparable to the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer - I've used them both and they're so similar, the only real difference is the price $4.19 vs $29.

NYX Concealer in a Jar $4.99 on
I did not like this concealer the first few times that I tried it.  It seemed to slip off my face within hours of application.   I love it now that I've found the proper way to use it!  With a clean finger, I like to dab it over any of my trouble spots that I may have missed once my foundation has been applied and viola! they remained covered all day.

So if you are like me and you find yourself needing multiple concealers in your daily makeup routine, check out all of these products. Depending on where your shop, your total for all three products will be less than $20!

Jun 22, 2015

I'm Back! Rave: Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation by Covergirl

Hi guys!  I'm back from a little summer break.  I'll start off by sharing a drugstore product that I absolutely love - Ready Set Gorgeous by Covergirl (A surprise, after slamming Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion in my last post).  I usually cover up my discoloration with concealer (I'll go in-depth about concealers my next post) and then dab just a pea-sized amount of the Ready Set Gorgeous foundation onto my favorite Tarte brush.  I get a very natural but flawless looking finish with the foundation.  I am going to stress  the importance of using concealer with this foundation to cover up discoloration. When I have tried to use a large amount this foundation for fuller coverage (and light usage of concealer) - I didn't love the look of the foundation.  A pea-sized amount (with concealer underneath to help provide fuller coverage if you need it) will lead you one step closer to an almost flawless complexion!  The one issue with this foundation, as with many foundations, is the color selection.  I find myself in between two colors and the range is limited.  Have you tried this foundation, what do you think?

May 16, 2015

Mascara Disappointment: Covergirl Lashblast Fusion

It's not often that I blog about products that I do not like, I try to keep this blog a positive place! I live for big, bold lashes.  As such, I have tried so many mascara's over the year always searching for something better than my all time favorite mascara, the original Covergirl Lashblast.  I thought, why not try another Lashblast product?  But I've run into a mascara that I really just don't like!  I'm looking atCovergirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara.  The product claims to lengthen and volumize, but it falls extremely short of it's claims.  Unlike its sister mascara, Lashblast Fusion doesn't hold a curl and the mascara doesn't layer well at all.  No matter how many layers I apply, my eyelashes remain the same. I love that with the original Lashblast I can layer the product to achieve my desired look - from natural, fluttery lashes to bold, almost-false lashes.  While trying new mascara can be extremely fun or severely disappointing, I think I've learned my lesson.  I'll be sticking to the original Covergirl Lashblast for a long time.  Have you tried any disappointing beauty products recently?

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