Jun 29, 2014

Savvy Saver: Dollar Store

Dollar Tree has become my go to place for a few of my beauty essentials.  No, I don't buy makeup here but there are a few things that I stock up on when I'm in the beauty aisle because they're definitely money savers.

  1. Cotton Rounds: Since I use cotton rounds twice a day (once in the morning  and once at night with my toner) and about once a week to remove my nail polish, I go through them pretty quickly.  Stores like Target or CVS charge about $3.29 or more for the exact same pack.  

2. Nail Polish Remover: The nail polish remover that they sell at the dollar store is exactly the same that they sell at drug stores.  Why spend $4 when you could spend $1?

3. Emery Boards: I really like a square nail shape so an emery board or nail file is essential in my nail care routine.  You can pick up multiple different styles of emery boards and multipacks at the dollar store, guessed it, a dollar!

The bottom line is shop wise!  Saving money on these items means that I can spend more where it really matters like on a nice foundation or skincare. 

Jun 21, 2014

Happy Summer

It's officially summer!  Here's to big sunglasses, tan lines, sunsets on the beach, and relaxation :)

Jun 20, 2014

Unidays: Student Discounts

Who doesn't love getting a discount at a store?  If you're a student, you're eligible to sign up with Unidays to receive discounts on a few different brands.  While the discounts aren't massive, like 10% off at ASOS or up to 20% at stores like Allsaints, every single dollar saved counts, especially when you're a student! Unfortunately this deal only works if you are a student as Unidaiys verifies through your university whether or not you are currently enrolled in school.   Check out the website here.


Jun 10, 2014

The Mini Bag Moment

The mini bag is having a moment.  A mini bag is just what it sounds like, a miniature version of a large style bag. You've probably seen the CĂ©line Nano on celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Emma Roberts.  It seems that just about every designer has their own version of the mini bag.  I'm lusting over quite a few mini bags because they are just ridiculously cute!  My personal favorites are the Balenciaga Mini Papier A4 and the Prada Mini Bag.  The only downside to the mini bag is that you can't fit too much in it!  To make the most of a mini bag or any small bag consider switching from a normal size wallet to a small wallet, coin purse, or card case.  But sometimes it is nice to not carry so much, especially when your bag is super cute :).

The Mini Bag Moment

Jun 8, 2014

Not so Missguided

I've heard a lot of people talking about a clothing website called Missguided.  I had never heard of it so of course I decided that I needed to check it out and be in the know.  While I have yet to order anything from the website, I've already added a few (okay....a lot) of items to my cart.  The styles are so on trend, young, and most of all affordable!  I can't remark on the quality but I'm hoping that it's not too bad. The clothing style reminds me a bit of  Also, a big plus for me is that the website is super easy to browse.  When browsing on Missguided, I love chosing the third page view option because it really allows you to see the details of each item without having to click and open a new page.  As always, here are some of my favorite picks:

Pattie Neon Floral Lace Detail Playsuit $53.98
I am beyond obsessed with this flirty romper.  The lace trim and the floral print make it an easy piece to transition from day to night.

Biancha Floral Monochrome Shorts with Pom Pom Detail $26.98 

From the floral pattern to the pom pom detailing, these shorts are all around fun! The shorts would look great paired with almost any color top.

Yemena Strappy Geometric Playsuit $44.98
Another romper!  I think the various shades of blue combined with a pretty pink background make for a striking piece.

Jun 4, 2014

Savvy Sentiments

For as long as I can remember Nordstrom has always been one of my favorite department stores.  I have always loved the BP department for cute and versatile clothes at pretty affordable price. After a while I did tire of their endless repetition of floral prints so I decided to venture to other parts of the store and I'm glad I did.  I now head to Savvy before BP.  Savvy, as a section, was redesigned a few years ago to feature more affordable brands then it did previously.  The clothes are definitely in my budget which is great because the section is so on trend.  Sometimes I feel as if I am shopping in a boutique somewhere in Soho.  Brands in the department include Topshop, MINKPINK, Leith, and Wayf.   My favorite brand in the Savvy department is ASTR.  I believe that it is an in house brand, meaning that it can only be found at Nordstrom.  Below are two of my favorite pieces that I have been thinking about adding to my wardrobe:

Textured Lace Hem Pencil Skirt $58
What a fun take on the classic pencil skirt!  The lace detailing is flirty and feminine and the color is absolutely perfect for spring and summer.  
Drape Back Floral Chiffon Tank $46 
The detail on the back of this blouse makes it perfect for wearing out on a warm summer evening.  Just like the model, I would pair it with white skinny jeans or denim skinny jeans.

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