Dec 19, 2014

The Best Makeup Removing Wipes

Makeup wipes are an essential part of my evening routine.  I find that they're the best way to get rid of most of my makeup.  I usually follow up with a face wash and a toner to ensure that all traces of makeup have been removed.  In the past few years I've tested many brands of makeup wipes and I always go back to the same ones, Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Wipes.

Best: Kirkland Signature Daily Facial Wipes
I have been using these for years and they are hands down my favorite wipes.  The towelettes are very moist and work wonders at removing most of my makeup.  I think the Neutrogena facial wipes do the best job of wiping off heavy mascara but I think the formula is too oily for the rest of my skin. Also you can't beat the price of the Kirkland wipes, at about 14 cents a wipe they are quite a steal.  Many of the other brands cost about 25 cents per wipe.

Worst: Just the Basics Pre-Moistened Facial Towelettes CVS
I grabbed these when I ran out of my Kirkland face wipes and couldn't run to Costco to buy more. They were very affordable at $2.99 for a pack of 30.  But I found them to be very dry and because of this I really struggled getting makeup off of my face.  I was pulling at my face to get them to remove my makeup, a definite no no for those of us trying to avoid premature aging!  

Tip: Store your makeup wipes upside down so that the moisture soaks into the wipes!  

Dec 6, 2014

Pantone 2015 Color of the Year

Move over emerald.  Pantone has just announced that the 2015 color of the year will be marsala.  If you aren't familiar with the color marasala, it's a brownish wine-red color.  I can't see this color being very popular in the spring or summer but come Fall 2015, I'm sure you'll be seeing it everywhere.  The great thing about the color is that it unisex, unlike Pantone's 2013 color which was radian orchid. I'm looking forward to seeing marasala in cosmetics.  A marsala colored blush would look gorgeous, or even a marsala colored lip or nail.  What do you think of this color?  How would you wear it?    

Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fabulous readers!    

Nov 18, 2014

Bag Obession: Chloe Marcie

Houston we've got a problem!  I'm currently crushing on the Chloe Marcie bag.  The other day I walked into Starbucks and saw a woman carrying the bag in the most luscious red color, dubbed Peony Red by Chloe.  The color was reminiscent of the color on the Starbucks holiday cups, which made me think that this would be the perfect bag to pull out during the holidays.  It definitely adds a pop of color to a bleak winter day.  Of course, it would work well in other seasons.  I can picture this bag paired with a white dress eyelet dress in the summer.  The photos online do not do it justice, you must see the color for yourself.   The bag comes in other great colors and I'm loving the bag in nut (brown) and cashmere grey.  Oh, and it's also super cute in the mini satchel form!

Chloe Marcie in Peony Red

Nov 4, 2014

Drugstore Pick: Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color

A few weeks ago one of my close friends and fellow makeup addicts turned me onto Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color.  I was a bit apprehensive to try such an inexpensive lip product.  What if the formula was bad?  What if there was not color pay off?  But much to my surprise, the formula and color pay off was amazing.  Other bloggers go as far as to compare them to some MAC lipsticks!  I first purchased Think Pink, a brilliant baby pink shade and upon applying it to my lips, I quickly purchased Wine Room and Bare It All.  Sure the packaging isn't my favorite, but you can't beat the price.  Each tube retails for about $1.99.  Most drugstores often run buy one get one half off promotions on Wet and Wild, so you really have no excuse not to try them!  The main downside is that your lips must be well conditioned prior to applying the lipstick because it is a matte formula it will cling to dry lip flakes.  A swipe of vaseline on your lips each night should fix the problem though.  As of now there are 26 shades in the collection, so I'll probably be picking up just a few more...okay maybe a lot more!

Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Think Pink
image via

Oct 22, 2014

Currently Craving: Fall Edition

In most parts of the country, fall is full swing ahead.  Although I'm loving the changing of the leaves, I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of the brisk weather.  It's so chilly in the morning!  Thankfully there are some pretty great fall items out in stores.  As you can see from my list below it's all about layering.  What I love about these pieces is that they are all super versatile and can be worn into winter as well!  Here's what I'm currently craving:

Faux Fur Trim Parka from Banana Republic
image via
This is the quintessential casual fall coat.  I love the army green color and it incorporates one of the biggest upcoming trends, faux fur accents.  Throw it on over any outfit and go out and frolic in the foliage, you won't be cold!

Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest from Jcrew Factory
image via
Last fall I purchased this Excursion Quilted Vest from Jcrew and I've been living in it ever since. It's light enough for those days when it starts out chilly in the morning and warms up in the afternoon but it's also really easy to layer for cold days.  I just add a thick long sleeve shirt and a scarf for those colder days.  What I love about this vest is the herringbone pattern, how classic.  
image via
The problem that I find with booties is that they often cut off the leg which make for a totally unflattering look.  What I love about these ankle boots is that they are cut to give the leg the longest appearance possible.  These booties would pair well with tights and a skater skirt or with some super skinny black jeans.

Over-the-knee Socks from Forever 21
image via
I'm all over the whole over-the-knee sock trend that's coming into style!  What a great way to still be able to wear a dress or a skirt but also keep your legs warm.  You can layer them over sheer tights for even more warmth.  Over-the-knee socks look great paired with both booties or knee high boots.

image via
I can't believe that I don't own a flannel shirt, it's a fall wardrobe staple.  What I love about this flannel shirt is that it's so simple yet so chic.  I never thought that I would call a flannel shirt chic! I absolutely love how it's styled on the model in the image above.  I could also see myself wearing it open with a silky blouse underneath.

While I could add more to the list, these are the five pieces that I can't stop thinking about!  I've already indulged and purchased the booties and I'm anxiously awaiting their arrival in the mail but I'm still hoping to add more items from this list into my wardrobe.  What are you currently craving?

Oct 13, 2014

Trend of the Moment: The Poncho

The Burberry Colour Block Check Blanket Poncho has been spotted on anyone who is anyone. Trendsetters from Sarah Jessica Parker to Olivia Palermo have been seen dawning this hot ticket item.  While I'm not a total fan of the poncho look or the particular colors of this poncho, I don't mind the way that Olivia wore it.  It certainty looks cozy and those thigh high boots are killer!   I think part of the popularity of this poncho is it's versatility.  It can be worn as pictured below or it can be thrown on over a tee and jeans. Another neat thing about the item is that you can get it monogramed as Burberry now offers a monogramming service on many of their scarves.  Are you feeling the look?

image via

Oct 10, 2014

Fun Faux Fur

The fur trend is absolutely one of my favorites of this season.  Ot's only going to continue to get bigger.  Fendi has been at the frontrunner of this trend for quite some time as fur accents are part of their signature look.  Look at Cara Delevigne rocking a fur bag, coat, shoes, and even hair in the image below from one of Fendi's runway shows.

image via

Incorporating faux fur into your wardrobe can be a bit scary!  The easiest way to introduce fur into your wardrobe is to start with an accessory.  My favorite is the bag poof.  It's an easy way to change up the look of a handbag that you already have in your wardrobe.  Etsy has a great selection of these keychains if you are interested.    

image via

I think the second easiest way is to get into the trend is to throw on a faux fur vest, it adds a bit of a luxe touch to your fall/winter outfit.  It makes a great layering piece because it adds texture.  I have my eyes on this vest.

image via
image via
Some forecasters believe that the fur trend will make is way into spring.  I think it will be interesting to see how fur accents will be integrated into spring wardrobes.  How do you feel about fur?  

Sep 30, 2014

Poll 2 Results

In the last poll I asked how long it takes you to get ready in the morning.  Half said that it took between 26-45 minutes to get ready.  To those of you that can get ready in less than 25 minutes, I commend you!  What are your secrets?  It takes me about 30-35 minutes to get ready, on a good day. In order to cut down the time on my morning routine I usually shower at night and air dry my hair while I sleep.  I have a pretty standard makeup routine that takes about 15 minutes.  I'll then spend about 5 minutes taming my hair, since I'm trying to avoid heat.  Next I'll spend about 10-15 minutes trying to figure out what to wear - definitely the hardest part of my morning routine.  Check the right column for the next poll now!

Sep 16, 2014

NYFW Favorites

Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with many of the shows this Spring 2015 NYFW.  But the looks from J. Mendel and Cushine Et Ochs were some of my favorite this season.

J. Mendel
At J. Mendel we saw beautifully draped dresses, faux fur accents, vibrant colors and some fun prints. Usually I'm not a fan of black and yellow combined but J Mendel nailed the color combo.  The looks were fresh and bright and have me dreaming of spring already!  Check out two of my favorite looks below and see the whole collection here.

Takeaway Trend:  Keep your eyes out for faux fur accessories and detailing.  It might be the next big trend!

Cushnie Et Ochs
Saving the best for last...the looks at Cushnie Et Ochs show were just insane.  It's so hard to pick a favorite piece.  Something about the shade of yellow that was used, which I would term a marigold yellow, is just so rich and delicious.  See the whole show here.  

Both shows used similar color schemes which included yellow, (J.Mendel - lime yellow, Cushnie Et Ochs - marigold yellow), teal, pink (J. Mendel-hot pink, Cushnie Et Ochs - baby pink), and black and white.  

images via

Sep 13, 2014

NYFW: Street Style

I can't get over this look!  How amazing does Sarah Jessica Parker look en route to the Calvin Klein show?  Everything about this look is perfection from the lightly tousled waves to the black pumps. Of course the pièce de résistance is the blue coat...let the picture below speak for itself.  

image via

Sep 6, 2014

Charlotte Tillbury Arrives in the US

I've long been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury.  Tilbury's work has appeared on a number of covers including Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and in countless runway shows.  I've seen her makeup countless times on youtube and on beauty blogs.  I had always been curious to try out her products.  Something about the art-deco inspired packaging and the wearable colors instantly drew me in.  But I wasn't able to purchase anything from the line because it was only being sold in Europe.  But now, Charlotte Tilbury has launched her famous line in the US!

I'm beyond excited to get my hands on some of her products.  The problem is, I just can't decide which ones!  I want to try them all.  Below are some of the products that I have my eyes on.

Multi Miracle Glow ($60)
A cleanser, mask & balm for soft skin

A watermelon pink lip gloss
An enhancing kit for brown eyes

As a makeup fanatic, I've had a great time browsing her website.  They've made it super easy to shop online.  The website provides incredible photos of swatches.  You can see most of the colors swatched on different skin tones as swell.  It really takes the guess work out of shopping for makeup online.  Another feature that I like is that you can shop by look.  Below are two of my favorite looks, Uptown Girl and The Ingenue (both super stunning and on the natural side).

Uptown Girl
The Ingenue
Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics can be purchased from the Charlotte Tilbury website and Nordstrom.

*all images via

Sep 4, 2014

Happy September!

Happy September!  September is probably one of my favorite months.  I love that the weather gets a bit colder, hello fall clothes!  Oh, and speaking of clothes...let's not forget my favorite part of the week.  Keep an eye on this blog for some show coverage.  I can't wait to see what's going to be in style next!

image via

Aug 26, 2014

Poll Results 1

A component of the new blog layout includes a poll!  I recently asked where do you shop for makeup? The majority of you said at the department store.  I would say Nordstrom is my favorite department store to shop for makeup, the sales associates are usually very friendly and knowledgable.  However, I really do love a good deal so you'll find me browsing the shelves of my local CVS quite frequently.  I love to coupon.  I prefer CVS because I usually have the best luck couponing there!  Actually the other day I used multiple coupons and received two Maybelline concealers (retail price $9.99 each) for about $5 for both!  My favorite brands at the drugstore are Revlon, L'oreal, and Maybelline.  Check the right column for the next poll now!    

Aug 16, 2014

Part II: Current Hair Care Routine (No Heat)

Click here for Part I!

Part II:
Deep Conditioner:  Aka time for super smooth hair!  I like to deep my condition once or twice a week.  It really depends on if I have been using any heat on my hair.  I deep condition my hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque ($25).  A little goes a long way!  I take a small scoop of the product and just work it into the ends of my hair.  I turn off the water and shave during the 8 minutes that I let the deep conditioner soak into my hair.  Once the 8 minutes is up, I rinse out the deep conditioner with cold water.

image via
Leave in Treatment:  When I get out of the shower I like to gently towel dry my hair and then run a large toothed comb through my hair.   I squeeze about a dime to quarter size amount of Andalou's Smooth Hold Styling Cream ($9.95).  This product really helps me to achieve a smooth texture with my hair and fight frizz.  I then let my hair dry naturally!

image via
Finishing Touches: Once my hair is dry I like to spritz a bit of Rene Furerer's Extreme Shine Gloss Spray ($23) on my hands and then apply it lightly to my hair.  It really keeps my hair shiny and in place.

image via
Clarifying Shampoo:  Because I use a few products, product build up tends to accumulate on my scalp eventually so I like to shampoo my hair about twice a month with clarifying shampoo to get rid of this build up!  I use Suave's Daily Clarifying Shampoo ($1.49)  because it isn't as harsh as some other clarifying shampoos out there.

image via
So that's my haircare routine for now!  It's pretty simple and not too expensive.  I'll keep you guys posted when I change it.  What hair care product can you not live without?

Aug 15, 2014

Searching for the 'It' Bag

I'm sure you are all familiar with Celine's Luggage Tote.  You've probably seen it on every celebrity. Previous 'It' bags have included the Alexander Wang Rocco, Mulberry's Alexa bag, and the Proenza Schouler PS1bag.  But don't you ever wonder what the next "It" bag could be?

image via

When I first saw the Smythson 1887 bag, I knew that it had the potential to be an 'It' bag.  The bag was launched this year.  It was named '1887' to commemorate the founding year of Smythson, a British brand of luxury leather goods. 

The timeless bag features a clean shape and roomy interior.  It's no wonder it's been seen on celebrities including January Jones, Jessica Alba, and Poppy Delavigne!

image via
Who knows if the 1887 will ever receive cult status a la Celine Luggage Tote, but I think it's a pretty fab bag!  What do you think will be the next 'It' bag?

Aug 13, 2014

Part I: Current Hair Care Routine (No Heat)

A great hair care routine is essential!  I do like to switch up my products from time to time just because I'm such a big product junkie.  Right now, I have a hair care routine that I've been using for a few months and I've been absolutely loving the results so I thought I would share.  My current routine is a no heat routine because I want to maintain my hair as healthy as possible.

Natural Oils: I try not to wash my hair everyday (I aim for every other day) so as to let the natural oils soak in and do their job to nourish the scalp and hair.  On a day when I haven't washed my hair I take whatever brush I have on hand and evenly distribute the oils from my scalp to the rest of my hair.  

Shampoo and Conditioner:  I'm really into natural hair care.  There are a lot of products that I don't want to have in my shampoo or conditioner because they really just aren't good for the hair (I'll do a blog post on this soon!)  My favorite products come from the 2Chic line by Giovanni.   I opt for the Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Shampoo and the Avocado & Olive Oil Ultra-Moist Conditioner ($8.99 each).
image via
I wash my hair with shampoo as one normally would.  Then, if I'm not deep conditioning, I'll apply some conditioner onto the ends of my hair (I avoid the scalp area) and let it sit in my hair for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Then I rinse it out in cold water.  Cold water smooths your hair cuticle thus making the hair appear shinier and healthier.

Since this post is already quite long, I've broken it down into two posts.  Click here for Part II!

Aug 11, 2014

Trend Alert: Crop Sets

Image via
The trend dominating last night's Teen Choice awards?  Crop tops.  Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell, and Nina Dobrev among others were seen donning this style at last night's award show.  Crop tops aren't anything new but they have definitely come into popularity this year.  It's a cute trend if worn properly.  I like it best when the top piece matches the bottom piece thus making it a set.  If you want to try this look check out websites like or

Image via

Aug 10, 2014

New Layout!

Welcome to the new and improved Ooh La La Olivia!  

First thing you'll notice is that the site finally has a brand new layout!


Make sure to check the column on the right side for a few other features:

  • Polls - Share your opinions.  There will be a new poll every few weeks!
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  • Blog Archive - Easily navigate through older articles.  
  • Comments - From this post on, you'll be able to comment on each post!!!  Remember to keep it positive as comments will be moderated. 
  • We'll be experimenting with other features in the next few weeks as well :)

Mobile: This new layout also works on your cell phone so you can browse Ooh La La Olivia anywhere you go. 

Hope you like the new layout!


P.S. - Thank you for helping this blog reach 300 subscribers <3 

Jul 29, 2014

Craving Candles

In the past I was never a big candle person.  Sure I loved the way that they smelled but I was always afraid of the hazard that they posed.  However, I'm warming up to the idea of placing candles around my house because they just smell so good.  I am no candle expert but I've scoped out a few different brands for my first ever candle purchase! 

Bath and Body Works candles are quite popular.   I love the smell of Harvest Peach even though I typically go for floral scents.  Their 3-wick candles run about $22.50 but you can often find them on sale for around $12.  

Voluspa candles are also great!  They come in beautifully packaged in tins or glass jars.  There are so many wonderful scents and did I say that the packaging was beautiful??  Candles run from $8-$16 for a tin.

I'm also a big fan of Diptyqtue candles.  The price is a little out of my price range, about $60 for regular sized and $30 for the mini size.  But the packaging is beyond chic!

I was picking up some shampoo and other goodies at Target yesterday when I stumbled across their candle aisle.  The collection is extensive and inexpensive. What's best is they carry a variety of brands.  I stumbled across a candle by Melt that was Tea Rose & exquisite scent and only $10 for a rather large size.  

Tip: If you too are a bit too afraid to keep a candle in your apartment or house you could always try a room spray or a diffuser!

Jul 25, 2014

Bucket Behavior

This season's hottest bag...and sure to be pretty hot well into the bucket bag.   The shape has been around for ages but has gained popularity once again.

The IT Bag: Stay on top of the trends with the Mansur Gavriel bag.  This bag is so hot that it has a wait list.  It's been spotted on everyone from supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio to actress Kirstin Dunst to magazine editor Eva Chen.  The smooth leather bag will run you $495 and up.


Luxury Girl: If you're feeling a bit more spendy ($1450) check out the Gucci bag.  It comes in an array of gorgeous bright colors.

image via

On Trend, On Budget: If you want to participate in the trend but don't want to break the bank check out this more affordable option from Zara.  You get the same look as the above bags but for well under $100!
image via

Jul 16, 2014

Back to School: Teen Vogue

I have always loved school supplies.  Even if I'm not in school I enjoy picking up a pack of gel pens or a notebook with a cute pattern.  I find that Target has the best school supplies and prices and they're just putting out their back to school section now, so if you want the cute notebooks go now!  I know that it's only July but August will be here before we know it.  I'm curious to check out Staples this year too. This year they collaborated with Teen Vogue to release a line of back to school supplies.   I haven't had a chance to check out the collection in stores but based off of what I have seen online and from press releases the stuff looks pretty cute!  And it's affordable too...nothing from the collection is over $10.

Jul 12, 2014

Coming Soon: The New OohLaLaOlivia


OohLaLaOlivia is going to get a face lift soon so get ready :)  You can expect...
  • A New Layout
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  • More Frequent Posts
  • Weekly Polls
  • And More! 
Thanks for subscribing!  Check back soon for updates :)


Edit: On August 10, 2014 Ooh La La Olivia received the layout you are looking at now!  In case you were wondering, this is what it looked like before...

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