Nov 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing my readers a happy and delicious Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for you all :)

Nov 16, 2013

House Decor

Recently I've found myself spending a lot of time browsing home decor websites for inspiration.  My favorite website is  There's not one style that I like per se...I enjoy a variety of different styles (see below).  I usually like a lot of white with a pop of color and definitely some sort of pattern like leopard or chevron.  I won't be moving for a while but when I do, I'll definitely have some idea of how I will furnish and decorate my next place!          

I love how clean this look is.  The contrast of the black coffee table with the white mantle and couches is just so gorgeous!  The pattern on the carpet is rather unique and interesting too.  

The sunburst mirror is perfection!  The color scheme is a little bland but I am loving the leopard print chairs. 

Again, I'm loving the contrast with black and white.  Yellow isn't usually a color that I'm drawn to but it looks so chic in this setting.

Nov 14, 2013

Isabel Marant for H & M

Isabel Marant for H & M hit stores today.  Apparently people have been camped outside the 5th Avenue H&M waiting for the collection since 1 AM this morning!  While I can't say that I'm an avid fan of this Parisian designer (I'm not too familiar with her work) I do think the collection looks great!  The first look below is pretty neat. The tight burgundy crops with the detailed jacket (I've been so into jackets lately) is just perfection!  Did you get anything from this collaboration?      

Nov 10, 2013

The Naked 3 Palette

If you're a make up junkie, you probably own at least one of Urban Decay's famed Naked palettes. And you'll probably be very excited to learn that Urban Decay will be coming out with the Naked 3 palette.  There isn't too much information available about the third palette but rumors are swirling that it will feature nudes in the mauve color family.  Will  you be adding this palette to your makeup collection?


Nov 7, 2013

The New It Bag?

Kenzo's Kalifornia bag is set to be the next 'It Bag'.  It's already sold out on Net-A-Porter.   I'm not the biggest fan of this bag as I was with one of the previous 'It Bags', Celine's Luggage Tote.  Do you think the Kalifornia bag is the next 'It Bag'?

Nov 5, 2013

Plaid Loving

There's just something so fall and wintery about plaid.  This year I'm trying to change it up a bit so I'm opting for items that take a twist on the classic plaid pattern.  I found the blazer below at Target and just had to have it after seeing it on a few other bloggers (check it out here and here).  How on point is this blazer?  It makes plaid super chic!  I love the leather lining on the pockets and the gold buttons on the sleeve are the perfect accent.  I plan on pairing it with black boots, skinny jeans, and a silky top in either black or red.       

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