Jul 11, 2012

What Tone are You?

It's very important to know what tone you are.  And by tone, I'm talking about undertones.  Are you warm or cool toned?  I happen to be warm toned so warm colors like gold and peach really compliment my skin.  I try to steer clear from cool toned red lipsticks which are distinguishable by their blueish tinge and instead I opt warm toned red lipsticks that are more on the coral side.

What Tone Are You?  Figuring out your tone is simple!  Take a piece of fabric, I find that silver and cold pieces work best, and hold it up against your body in the mirror.  If you look better in silver then colors like blue are great for you.  If gold better compliments your skin then warm colors like orange are great for you!  Make sure to test in natural light.       
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