Sep 16, 2015

Mad About Plaid

It's no secret that plaid is a fall and winter staple.  This season we're seeing plaid all over the place, not just on flannel tops -  pants, scarves, hats, and shoes all carry this classic pattern.  The hottest plaid combo of the season is definitely blue, red, and white plaid.  There's something super crisp about this color combo.  What I love most is that it doesn't scream fall or winter, so you could really wear it all year round (if the piece isn't a flannel material).  I'd tuck it into my jeans in the summer or even use it as a swimsuit coverup come 4th of July time.  I recently purchased this plaid shirt from Zara (see image below) and I've been wearing it nonstop!  I love to wear the piece with a black or white top underneath.  If I'm going for a casual look, I'll throw on a cotton V-neck below, but if I want to dress it up a bit more, I'll throw on a silky cami.  What I love most about plaid tops is that no matter the pattern, can you can pair the piece so many ways.  I love to wear my plaid shirts wrapped around my waist a) because I feel super cool when I do so and b) because if I get cold I can just throw it on!  It also looks super chic layered under a leather jacket!  The possibilities are endless.  How are you wearing plaid this season?  

Zara Plaid

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  1. Hey girl I'm loving the plaid look with boots and tights or a pair of jeans,one question though,what to accessories should u use


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