Aug 16, 2014

Part II: Current Hair Care Routine (No Heat)

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Part II:
Deep Conditioner:  Aka time for super smooth hair!  I like to deep my condition once or twice a week.  It really depends on if I have been using any heat on my hair.  I deep condition my hair with Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque ($25).  A little goes a long way!  I take a small scoop of the product and just work it into the ends of my hair.  I turn off the water and shave during the 8 minutes that I let the deep conditioner soak into my hair.  Once the 8 minutes is up, I rinse out the deep conditioner with cold water.

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Leave in Treatment:  When I get out of the shower I like to gently towel dry my hair and then run a large toothed comb through my hair.   I squeeze about a dime to quarter size amount of Andalou's Smooth Hold Styling Cream ($9.95).  This product really helps me to achieve a smooth texture with my hair and fight frizz.  I then let my hair dry naturally!

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Finishing Touches: Once my hair is dry I like to spritz a bit of Rene Furerer's Extreme Shine Gloss Spray ($23) on my hands and then apply it lightly to my hair.  It really keeps my hair shiny and in place.

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Clarifying Shampoo:  Because I use a few products, product build up tends to accumulate on my scalp eventually so I like to shampoo my hair about twice a month with clarifying shampoo to get rid of this build up!  I use Suave's Daily Clarifying Shampoo ($1.49)  because it isn't as harsh as some other clarifying shampoos out there.

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So that's my haircare routine for now!  It's pretty simple and not too expensive.  I'll keep you guys posted when I change it.  What hair care product can you not live without?

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