Aug 26, 2014

Poll Results 1

A component of the new blog layout includes a poll!  I recently asked where do you shop for makeup? The majority of you said at the department store.  I would say Nordstrom is my favorite department store to shop for makeup, the sales associates are usually very friendly and knowledgable.  However, I really do love a good deal so you'll find me browsing the shelves of my local CVS quite frequently.  I love to coupon.  I prefer CVS because I usually have the best luck couponing there!  Actually the other day I used multiple coupons and received two Maybelline concealers (retail price $9.99 each) for about $5 for both!  My favorite brands at the drugstore are Revlon, L'oreal, and Maybelline.  Check the right column for the next poll now!    

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