Mar 6, 2015

The Miracle Worker: Aquaphor

A multipurpose product is efficient and easy on the wallet.  For years and years I've heard top magazine editors and Youtubers talk about Aquaphor.  Every time I passed it in the drugstore I would look at it and then walk away because I found it to be a little too expensive.  I already had tons of products at home, why did I need another one?  But one day, I decided to cave and pick up it up.  I have never looked back!  I keep it at my desk and in all of my purses.

It works to sooth my dry,bloody cuticles and moisturize my heels and elbows in the winter. I would have to say my favorite way to use it is +on my lips.  A small dab of this on my bare lips gives my face an instant pick me up.  Sometimes I'll even apply it over a lip color to revamp the color after a few hours of wear or put it on top of a matte lip color to make it glossy.

I think it's a pretty great product but I would love if it came in a stick form for easier application. You can find it at any drugstore and online here.

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