Jun 29, 2014

Savvy Saver: Dollar Store

Dollar Tree has become my go to place for a few of my beauty essentials.  No, I don't buy makeup here but there are a few things that I stock up on when I'm in the beauty aisle because they're definitely money savers.

  1. Cotton Rounds: Since I use cotton rounds twice a day (once in the morning  and once at night with my toner) and about once a week to remove my nail polish, I go through them pretty quickly.  Stores like Target or CVS charge about $3.29 or more for the exact same pack.  

2. Nail Polish Remover: The nail polish remover that they sell at the dollar store is exactly the same that they sell at drug stores.  Why spend $4 when you could spend $1?

3. Emery Boards: I really like a square nail shape so an emery board or nail file is essential in my nail care routine.  You can pick up multiple different styles of emery boards and multipacks at the dollar store, guessed it, a dollar!

The bottom line is shop wise!  Saving money on these items means that I can spend more where it really matters like on a nice foundation or skincare. 
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