Jul 26, 2013

Favorite Music Apps

Today I am going to share my favorite music apps.  I'm a big fan of discovering new music and what a better time to do it than in the summer when you have some extra time or need some new music for summer beach parties?!  Best part is that both apps mentioned are free!   

The first app/website that I love is Pandora.  Pandora is super popular so you probably already know about it.  If you don't, go check it out.  Plug in your favorite artist and Pandora will make you a playlist with similar sounding artists!  

The second app/website is probably my absolute favorite app of the year (and I use many apps)!  It's called 8 tracks.  What I love is that you can search for music based on mood, genre, and occasion that you want to play it for.  For example, I'll pick House + Chill, if I want some good music for a chill get together with friends.  If I have a beach party, I'll pick Party + Electronic.  So simple and so great!  If you get sick of a certain playlist there are about 1 million other playlists that you can check out.    

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