Jul 14, 2013

Skincare Scoop: Mario Badescu

There's nothing that makes me as upset as when my skin breaks out.  I usually attest my blemishes to hormones or a bad diet so I've been on the hunt for a cure (giving up chocolate is not an option). I always recommend going to the dermatologist, but if you're in a pinch to solve your skincare woes there are some non-prescription solutions out there.  I've found that Mario Badescu has a great range of skincare products at a totally affordable price for high end skin care line. The brand has many products so there's surely something out there for your skin.  In order to ensure that I'm using the right products for my skin type, I do major research.  For the most un-biased research, I usually turn to  I purchased my products at Nordstrom because of their great return policy but many other retailers carry the line as well.  

Since I suffer from cystic acne I like to use the Buffering Lotion ($18)

Image from

I also have a few blackheads (yuck) so I like to dust on some Silver Powder twice a week ($12)

Image from Mario Badescu

And don't forget, the most important thing for healthy skin...a healthy diet and lots and lots of water!

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