Oct 3, 2013

Chanel: Spring 2014

As always, I'm here to bring you coverage from the Chanel show.  I love that the Chanel shows always go above and beyond.  Plus, who doesn't love looking at all those classic bags in the newest styles?

Let's start by discussing the scenery.  I'll admit, I was a bit distracted by the clothes because the runway was amazing.  For this show, the runway appeared to be a Chanel gallery.  We see the classic Chanel camellia flower adorning the walls of this exhibit as well as a giant marble statue of a Chanel perfume bottle coming up from the ground.  Behind glass sits a giant Chanel classic flap bag among other amazing pieces of artwork.  Check it out for yourself in the video at the bottom of this post.

Head designer (and legend) Karl Lagerfeld played it safe when he came to shapes and fabrics.  We saw the classic tweed suit in a few different hues this season including pink and pastel shades.  I was excited to see a few off the shoulder pieces though, because I feel that it is different for Chanel.  There were some pretty colorful, sporty pieces that stood out among a sea of tweed. We also saw painted leather and denim, this was new and tied back into the theme of an art gallery.

The off the shoulder look paired with a large pearl necklace.
Model Cara Delevingne rocks a painted frock and sporty sunglasses. 
A pretty, fresh look for Spring.
As for accessories, many of the models carried oversized pearl baubles.  These oversized pearls where featured on bracelets and even necklaces.  I was not feeling them as I thought that they looked to much like headphones! Also, I'm not too sure how I feel about the choice of footwear.  Does this mean trouser socks are in? I did love every one of the bags that the model's carried.  We saw a lot of totes and cross body bags  Some models even carried two bags, which I found rather odd.  A rather fun show, nonetheless!  How do you feel about this show?


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