Oct 10, 2013

Product Rave: Vidal Sasson Combing Creme

Frizzy hair is every girl's foe.  I've tried countless products to combat my frizzy hair and some have worked decently while others have not.  Most recently, I picked up Vidal Sasson's Combing Creme at Target.  I choose this product because it was under $5 and I had never used anything from this line.  I'm so happy with my pick because this product works wonders at preventing frizz.  It's a white creme that's not super thick so it won't weight your hair down.  After my shower, I run a wide tooth comb through my towel dried hair and apply a quarter sized amount through my hair, avoiding the roots.   My hair dries to it's normal texture and shape but minus all the frizz!

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