Jan 23, 2013

CHANEL Spring-Sumer 2013 Haute Couture: Feathers and Florals

As always, one of my favorite shows of the season to watch is Chanel.  Not only because Chanel shows feature an iconic style but also because they always feature opulent sets.  Many of the looks seen on Chanel's runways influence what's to come for the season.

Aside from the classic suits*, the first thing that stood out to me were the large feathers adorning each model's hair.  Perhaps this is too extravagant for everyday wear but it could easily be translated for the everyday girl as a headband with a feather detailing.  Next I noticed boots made out of lace, maybe this will inspire a trend of lace patterned tights.  In continuing with this season's trend of black and white together,  I noticed a lot of black lace overlaid on white fabric.

What really caught my attention was the twist half way through the show.  The couture in this portion featured a bevy of floral apliques in bold reds and blues.  Floral detailing figured prominent on the majority of the looks in this half of the show, signaling a continuation of the floral trend for this upcoming spring.  Towards the end I noticed feathers once again but this time decorating the girl's dresses, some of which appeared to be saloon girl inspired.

*Fashion Fact:  According to Karl Lagerfeld, the suits for this show were not made out of Chanel's iconic tweed material.  This material is actually made up of woven ribbons of silk, tulle, and satin! 
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