Jan 7, 2013


In my last post I was talking about how I was disappointed in what the stores had to offer.  Perhaps it is because the stores are in an awkward transition between winter and spring.  But still, I'm ready for new stuff!  I went out shopping the other day to see what was out in stores and I ran into bright and muted neon colors.  I noticed the color tangerine at many stores, a color that's great for summer.  I also saw a lot of chambray shirts but with twists, one shirt featured a dip-dye color and another, a polkadot patterned.  So in all, I realized that most of the items currently out for spring, are repeat trends.  However, I couldn't resist leaving the mall without these two items:

This cute top was only $10.80 from Forever21!  In real life the top is a bright neon coral.  I thought it would look great with a statement necklace.  

How adorable is this oversized sweater with a heart pattern? It's perfect for transitioning from winter to spring.   I purchased it a Nordstrom.

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