Sep 8, 2013

Sophisticated Denim

We are in the midst of fashion month!  With New York Fashion Week alive and thriving,  there's just so much fashion to cover!  Today I'm coming at you all with a style that I predict may soon be a trend. I like to call it Sophisticated Denim. We usually think of denim as a pretty casual fabric that at times can be dressed up.  This season two designers, Derek Lam and Diane Von Furstenberg have tackled the task of creating new, sophisticated structures with denim. 
Derek Lam
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While I enjoyed Derek Lam's Spring 2014 run way show, the above look by Derek Lam is a little to severe for me.  It's definitely denim overkill.    

Dianne Von Furstenberg
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Now this is how sophisticated denim should be done!  The dark denim doesn't overwhelm the lace and the flared bit of the dress is super chic.  I like that this dress is a denim take on DVF's classic wrap dress.  However,  I'm still feeling a bit ambivalent about this whole sophisticated denim look.  How do you feel about this trend?        
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